Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don’t rule people quickly

   Welcome in a new smile of hope. Once upon a time there was a king who had four sons. He wanted to give them a lesson that they would not forget throughout their life so that they didn’t rule people with quickly and take into consideration people situation.

  The king regrouped his sons and said to them that there was a peach tree which was 100 miles away; he wanted each one of them to go to that tree and describe it to him in details; but they would not go all at the same time to that tree; he would fix the time to each one of them to do so. He made a very good idea; he sent the first one in spring season, the second one in summer, the tired in autumn and the fourth in winter; he divided their mission among the four seasons of the year. They didn’t understand the idea of their father which seemed to them idiot.
  When all of them finished their missions, the king regrouped his four sons and demanded to each one of them to describe in details what he had seen and noted. The first one who went in spring said to him that the tree was green, with beautiful color, formidable, large and brilliant. The one who went in winter said the tree was very bad, it had not any green color; it was bent, somber and unsupportable. The first said to him that he was a liar because that was not the real description of the tree. The king then turned to his son who went in summer and asked him to give his description to the tree; he said that the tree was very beautiful, full of flowers with nice smell. The first ones said to him that he was a liar because that the tree had no any flower. The king asked the last one who went in autumn to give his description; he said that there were peach in the tree but it smelt nothing, it hadn’t flowers, there were only peaches. The four sons began to quarrel with each other while the king was looking to the scene and laughing. Each one said to the other you were a liar you didn’t go to the tree mentioned by my father.

  Have you understood the idea? I want to say finally that all the four sons have right in their description to the tree; the tree had the four descriptions given by them, because it had four different seasons. Do not take a decision about a human being from one season of his life, or from one position. Do not rule somebody from one situation remarked at a specific moment. You can say this man is bad, but in fact you decide from one given situation because that shot is taken to him within his winter time. The same man is good in his spring or summer season. You may say that this young man is good; I will accept that he marries with my daughter. A quick decision like this may render your daughter’s life hell.

  I say this story for girls who decide quickly to marry with somebody and their parents accept before inquiring about the future husband of their daughter. Do not rule people quickly; if we do so we will lose our smile of hope in the future. You see the tree takes different forms depending on spring, summer, autumn or winter. Of course human being’s psychology is more complicated and more changeable, depending on the situation. Smile of hope wants you not to rule people quickly.

Thank you.