Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Leader without soldiers

   welcome to a new smile of hope.The story of today is from Alsharqia which is one of Egypt’s governorates. This story is a symbolic one which requires concentration. There’s a man from Alsharqia called Hussein, and he has a niece named Dalia. One day he brought her a present which was a ball. He hid it behind his back, than he put his hand on his mouth, and told her “I ate your present”. She told him: “you ate it? I will call my other uncle. He then put his hand on his mouth and told her “I ate your other uncle”. She told him “I will call you my mother” , after which he replied “I will also eat your mother”. She then continued by saying “I will call my aunt”, to which off course he replied “I shall eat your aunt as well”. As he kept on joking with her, she kept on telling him that she will keep calling members of her family, to which he replied “I will eat them all”. She than finally told him that she would hit him with a stick. To which he replied that he would eat it as well. The girl than innocently said “If you keep doing this, you will end up alone”.
  What I want to say you, whoever keeps standing alone and keeps ignoring others around them, will inevitably be alone and they will not find anyone who will want to be around them. There is a type of culture of tending to show up alone, ahead of all others around you. To excel in life nobody has to decrease the importance, but to show up together and succeed together we can be strong. A question you should and would want to ask yourself is: why do we as humans always tend to shine alone, while hiding the shine of others? As I heard this I was very touched with the little girl’s innocence. Especially when she told him this, “But this way you will remain alone uncle. Will you be happy if you live alone?”
  Once, when I was young I read a book entitled “A Leader without soldiers” it tells a story of a leader who killed all of his soldiers and remained alone. The questions that came to mind where (what’s your value as a leader if you stay without soldiers?). A leader cannot call himself one if he doesn’t have men to lead and direct.
  My Lesson to you is that you should not neglect the value of others. It’s the total opposite, give the people around you an opportunity to shine, and don’t allow yourself to feel jealousy. If you stay alone without people you won’t feel happy. Let people guide you and in return you guide them.
  At the end of day, only the good will remain, and he who stands alone will perish. Let others shine so that you can shine with them, and when we all shine together, we will all have a smile of hope.  
Thank you.