Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't look only to the defeats and draw a positive picture

   Welcome to a new episode of A Smile of Hope. Can you depict persons without highlighting their deformities? Can you deal with people and overlook their deformities? How? I see these deformities very well? This is my problem I always observe deformities. It is your problem when you usually observe your wife deformities so you can't smile a smile of hope for her. The boy always forgets his parents support and remember only their demerits. It's really a serious problem.
I'll tell you a story
  One day there was a king. He was one-eyed because he had an accident when he was young. So he was covering this eye and there was a black line below his eye that made him ugly and sad although he was fair. His public was accustomed to look at his face and nail this deformity so he got annoyed although he was just his favorite hobby was fowling and this might be the reason for the accident.
He tried to beautify his face so he invited some portraitists who draw nice portraits and asked them to depict him a nice portrait without highlighting his deformities. We can't do that, if we do, we will get a portrait of another one not you, and we should draw this eye "they replied". So he didn’t agree with the first portraitist. He didn't agree with the second portraitist either. What did he do next?
  Finally he went to another portraitist. This portraitist promised him to draw a wonderful portrait and overlook his deformities (eye)."No problem" that is very easy, the portraitist said. He drew the king while he was hunting and shooting with a gun. So his eye was covered with the gun. It was a wonderful portrait. The king looked like a clever fowler cavalryman. The king liked and admired the portrait very much. He showed it to people. So they remembered his merits and that he was just but they forgot his demerits (one-eyed).
Why did I tell you this story?
 I told you this story because we always nail other's deformities and forget their merits and nice image. We usually focus on defects and their bad image in our mind. Can you cutaway people's deformities? Can you veil people's defects in your mind? Can you remove the bad vista you have for your wife or your parents and remember only their merits and good deeds?   
 Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him) said this about the relationship with your wife:"Don't hate (mistreat) your wife. If you hate a character in her, you may like another". Can you balance merits and demerits? Can you delineate positive vista? Can you imagine positive vista at your unconscious? Do this for others and for yourself. Think positively and diminish negativity to beatify others and create a smile hope. A smile of hope is to think positively and delineate positive vista.
Thank you.