Saturday, June 30, 2012

From cleaning the floor to the top of success

     Welcome to a new episode of A . Today’s is about a dear friend of mine his name is Dr.Mohamad. Dr.Mohamed’s and his greatness is primarily fuelled by his father. I always say that you should work and do something when you have spare time, even when you are on a break or a summer holiday. This begins when Dr.Mohamed was in middle school, his father is an owner of one the biggest printing presses in Alexandria, Egypt, and he printed out newspapers, gathered the news, and put all his energy and love into it.
  One day during summer he approached his son Dr.Mohamed, and said that he had no one that takes a salary during summer without putting in the work; the father stated “when you do the work, you will receive money for what you worked for, and what you will get is what you will spend”. So the father started to ponder about different areas and fields that his son could work in, so he thought and though, until he asked himself what is the first stage of a successful printing company. That’s when he said “you will go and sell newspapers on the street”. So Dr.Mohamed marched up and down the street selling these newspapers. As the days came to a close he went back to his father and gave him his earnings, this is when the father stated “this is how much you sold this how much you made”. The following year the father told him the fact that you sold newspaper last year, this year you will clean the floors of the printing press’s factory. So Dr. Mohamed did as his father asked and started to clean the floors. The after, since you cleansed the floors this year, You have now earned the right to work hand in hand with the editor to observe and learn about how the news is gathered, and to combine all the appropriate information.
  The following year, the father told his son you will now travel to England and work in a world famous printing press, to observe how all the information is gathered and combined. The following year he told his son that he will have to learning the ways of publication industries in depth. The following year he wanted his son to sit with the writers and learn from them the different and intricate ways of pen men ship    , as well as gathering the information and being able to have a clear summary of how it is gathered. After that he sent his son to one biggest universities in the world (imperial university) which is located in London, England.
This shows each and every one of us how vital it is to teach your children responsibility, and make sure that they keep moving and not remain stagnant. The moral of the is that if you keep moving and doing something and learning you will exceed all expectation. However if you stop and remain stagnant you find that all the beauty and wonders of life and the world will pass you by .