Saturday, June 9, 2012

Think about your mistakes before others

   Welcome in a new smile of hope. The smile of hope of today is about very funny story. The idea of this story is that, we sometimes think that others have a problem, but in fact the problem is ours. Sometimes we think others are rude or bad without looking into ourselves to realize our rudeness, our abnormality. You think that your son is miss-conducting, your wife is unsupportable and in fact it is you who have such problems. I dedicate this story to anyone who thinks that those who are around him have problem, forgetting that he is himself the problem; thus, he remains stressed, annoys people and himself.
  The story is about a man who felt that his wife did not hear well and she was about to lose her hearing. He decided to take her to a physician specialist in ear. He could not communicate with her because he thought that she didn't hear well. Before consulting a specialist, he went to one of his relative who was physician, searching an advice. His relative showed him how to measure the degree of hearing to apply it upon his wife before consulting a specialist and paying money. He told him to stay about 40 feet from his wife and speak to her with a normal tone, greeting her, showing her he cared about her, asking her if she heard him, inquiring about chickens she put in the oven, etc. He said to him if his wife heard him from 40 feet away there was no problem; if she didn't hear him he had to speak to her from 30 feet away, then 20 feet, then 10 feet and continued as such till his wife heard him.
  When that man returned home at night, he found his wife busy in preparing dinner inside the kitchen. He thought the opportunity was good to apply the advice of his relative. He stood in the hall about 40 feet away from her and said to her "My beloved, what have you prepared to us for dinner this night?" His wife didn't replay. He approached and spoke to her from about 30 feet, repeating the same words, then from 20 feet, then 10 feet in vain; finally he entered inside the kitchen, stood before her and said to her: "My dear, what have you prepared to us for dinner this night?" she said to him that she replied for the fifth times to tell him that the chickens were in the oven.
  Do you understand the idea? At the end it appeared that it is the husband who had a hearing problem, because he didn't realize that her wife was answering his question five times, repeating the same thing. So it is he who has the problem not her. Sometimes we think that others are mistaken, but it is us; often we think that others are bad but it is our problem; sometimes we quarrel with others and in the same time they were patient with us. You, boys and girls, sometimes you think that your father, your mother are mistaken, but in fact it is you who are in error.
  For drawing a smile of hope on you, your family, your wife and your children, think firstly in yourself in your errors before the mistakes of the rest of the family.
Thank you.