Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Think before taking conclusion

   Welcome in a new smile of hope. This smile of hope of today speaks about an idea, if you adopt in your life, you will be smiling all your life. It is: “think before taking conclusion”, i.e. when you see something before you don’t act immediately, think firstly. 

  I will tell you a funny story. It is about a lady waiting for her train in the railway station. The story took place in England. The lady was hungry. She bought a sac of popcorn and sweet, but them near her in her seat and began to eat. A young woman came sat near her on the same bench. The young woman began to put her hand in the sac of the lady and eat from popcorn. The lady was angry and asked herself what was the bravery? For the lady such action was impertinence from the young woman. The young woman continued to enter her hand in the lady’s sac and eat from popcorn, while the angry lady’s face became red. The lady was about to hit the young woman or cry on her face for such impoliteness, while the later looked to her and smiled. The lady began to think that the new generation was impertinent and impolite. The young lady continued till finishing all the remaining popcorn, while the lady tried to push the sac away from the young woman’s hand when the train entered into the station.

  When the young woman entered into the wagon, the angry lady, who controlled herself and did not insult that young woman, opened her handbag and found that her popcorn sac was there. The lady realized that the popcorn sac from which she was eating was not her; it was the young woman’s.

  What do you think about this story? So please think before taking a conclusion, cool down before getting nervous, before quarrelling with others. What great the Quran is! When our Prophet Suleiman said: “why I didn’t see the hoopoe”; he then continued: “maybe it is among the absent”. Before you say what I have to do, think firstly. A good story, isn’t it? Believe me, you will live in smile and hope as far as you are thinking before acting, before getting nervous and quarrelling with other people. The popcorn sac shall be with you at the end while you are not paying attention. Think, be careful and Allah Almighty will render you happy and, thus, our life will be full of smile of hope.
Thank you.