Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Lord give us sustenance as you sustain bugath

    Welcome in a new . The today is about livelihood, sustenance. In these times all people are worry about their sustenance. I insist to draw on your faces a . You will ask how I can give you a in the middle of the economic crisis, the international recession, unemployment and all the current difficulties. I want to tell you that sustenance and livelihood is given; Allah will give you your needs for living; all what you have to do for that is exerting effort. Do not take sedative medicines, do not afraid from future, and just exert some effort. Living possibilities exist.
  I will tell you a story, a very interesting story. A Syrian, a very good man, used to say, when I met him, “Our Lord give me sustenance as you sustain the bugath (the crow’s nestling)”. You know what bugath is? When the crow’s egg hatches, the nestling crow is called bugath. When it grows, the bugath becomes crow. What is the problem of bugath sustenance? This is a sign of our lord. Crow’s color is black. When the crow’s egg hatches, it gives the nestling crow, the bugath, a white colored nestling, because it has no feather. Crow’s feather is black, but it’s inside flesh is white. I bring this information from Discovery TV channel, which shows stories from nature science. When the bugath comes to life, the crow does not recognize its nestling, because of its white color. The crow female refuses to feed its nestling, because it does not recognize it as such. The Provider Almighty sustains the bugath with small insects that are attracted to the nestling crow’s white color. The hatch is fed those small insects because its mother refuses to feed it. Its mean of living are provided to him by the Provider.
  You see the meaning of “Our Lord, give us sustenance as you sustain the bugath”. This small crow nestling remains fed by those small insects attracted to his white color, especially to feed it, for one or two weeks. Allah sends those insects especially to the feed the bugath until its feather grows and become clothed in black so that its mother begins to recognize it and proceeds to its feeding. For the first two weeks crow’s female refuses to feed its nestling. It is fed by the Provider Almighty. In fact Oh! Lord, provide us with sustenance as you do for bugath.
  There is very beautiful verse from Quran which the meaning is:”there is no creature on earth, but sustained by Allah Almighty”. You also Allah provides you with living means; do not fear for you sustenance. For you, People who go to their work exert some efforts and do not worry about your livelihood. For ladies who are worry about the sustenance of their children, do not fear about their livelihood, it is guaranteed with a little effort. Lord, provide us with sustenance as you do for bugath is a .

Thank you