Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Treat people with your values & norms and not theirs

    Welcome everyone to anew . Today episode is a from England. In England, There's famous park called ''Hyde park''. While taking a walk in the Hyde Park, I saw an old man. It was quite cold; he was standing near a tree &trying to climb it. He was indeed an old man. Yet he wanted to climb it. I looked at the top of the tree to know what he was searching for &I found a small nest with a small bird crying very loud. Apparently the wind blows the nest &both the nest and the bird was now crumbed between two boughs. The bird kept screaming and screaming then, I realized that the man only wanted to help the bird and save it from the fix.   
  The man tried to climb the tree& failed couple of times &then, when he succeeded& wanted to save the bird from the nest, the bird bit him hardly that he screamed out of loud! One minute later, after he saw that the wound wasn't huge, he climbed again & the bird again bit him harder. He climbed for the third & the fourth times & the bird bit him again and again. Oh! God the man was bit consecutively this appeared to be useless! The friend of that old man was there watching what was happening. He blamed him for not learning the lesson even after several times. And on contrary, he's persist ant on what he's doing. The old man told him a great statement, the eagle's nature is to bite strangers but my nature is to be compassionate and loving. The bird will keep on biting me and I will never stop being kind &compassionate towards it. The fourth time he succeeded in saving the bird, replacing the nest on a stable bough, the bird was finally calm.
   It is true that the man's finger was bitten several times in different places, but this kind man's words kept echoing in my head. ''The bird's nature is to bite the strangers but my nature is to be compassionate and loving towards others.'' treat people with your values & norms and not theirs. No matter how they're hard in their nature, no matter how rude they are, never imitate them. If all the people mean, just be the good example. Do you know how Allah treats us? Our sins are numerous but he treats us with his mercy not according to our deeds. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us a very nice prayer ((oh Allah! don't treat us according to our deeds but treat us with your mercy &forgiveness.)).Never return a rude treatment, by someone who's ill mannered, by a similar treatment. Always remember that your norms and behaviors are different than theirs. Can you understand this point, fellow friends? Today in our country we could see several examples for people who harm others in different ways. Don't pay attention to them. If all the people decided to be ill-mannered, stay away from them .Stay as you are, and don't degrade yourself to others low manners. Keep your good manners, keep the .