Monday, June 25, 2012

The person who hindered your advance and your ambition to succeed was died yesterday. Who is?

   Welcome in a new . The of today is about a company owner. Pay attention to this story. This man fixed a banner in the middle of the company in which it is written in bolt letters: "the person who hindered your advance and your ambition to succeed in the company was died yesterday condolences will be offered tomorrow". Do you hear such a story before? The company's owner is very intelligent. He left all the employees who supplicated Allah to bless the soul of the defunct, very eager to know the person who hindered their progress and success.
  The next day all the employees came, in full suit to prevent their condolences in the company and see their rude bad defunct fellow. They asked the manager where the person who hindered their progress was. He showed them the room where the corpse was and requested them to enter one by one to look over, reflect and contemplate. The employees understood nothing from what the manager wanted them to do. They stood in queue, entered one by one to look over the corpse. Each one who entered got out silent and faced covered. They continued like this till the last one and all got out silent and face covered; nobody talked to the other; they understood nothing. Who he knows what the shroud contains will have a gift.
  The shroud contained a mirror; near the mirror there was a piece of paper where it was written: "The only one who hinders your ambition, development and success is you". So every employee who entered opened the shroud, saw his face in the mirror and read the small paper.
  The president of the company wants to say to them that their faults, that the fact that they considered themselves as minor and does not want to become major, that they don't believe that the will succeed, that they don't want to exert efforts and that they do not want to be hardworking is the unique thing that hinders their progress, development and success.
  The idea of this story is that you are the only one in the world to hinder your success and progress. Do you hear me, young men and women who are preparing now your examinations, you also fresh graduates, you fathers and mothers, you people who want to succeed in life? Your life will change when you change, when your look in the mirror change. Do you understand now the speech of our Lord Almighty when he say: "Allah does not change the condition of people until they change themselves". Change your look in the mirror, change yourself, life around you will change and then you will enjoy a .

Thank you.