Saturday, June 30, 2012

From cleaning the floor to the top of success

     Welcome to a new episode of A . Today’s is about a dear friend of mine his name is Dr.Mohamad. Dr.Mohamed’s and his greatness is primarily fuelled by his father. I always say that you should work and do something when you have spare time, even when you are on a break or a summer holiday. This begins when Dr.Mohamed was in middle school, his father is an owner of one the biggest printing presses in Alexandria, Egypt, and he printed out newspapers, gathered the news, and put all his energy and love into it.
  One day during summer he approached his son Dr.Mohamed, and said that he had no one that takes a salary during summer without putting in the work; the father stated “when you do the work, you will receive money for what you worked for, and what you will get is what you will spend”. So the father started to ponder about different areas and fields that his son could work in, so he thought and though, until he asked himself what is the first stage of a successful printing company. That’s when he said “you will go and sell newspapers on the street”. So Dr.Mohamed marched up and down the street selling these newspapers. As the days came to a close he went back to his father and gave him his earnings, this is when the father stated “this is how much you sold this how much you made”. The following year the father told him the fact that you sold newspaper last year, this year you will clean the floors of the printing press’s factory. So Dr. Mohamed did as his father asked and started to clean the floors. The after, since you cleansed the floors this year, You have now earned the right to work hand in hand with the editor to observe and learn about how the news is gathered, and to combine all the appropriate information.
  The following year, the father told his son you will now travel to England and work in a world famous printing press, to observe how all the information is gathered and combined. The following year he told his son that he will have to learning the ways of publication industries in depth. The following year he wanted his son to sit with the writers and learn from them the different and intricate ways of pen men ship    , as well as gathering the information and being able to have a clear summary of how it is gathered. After that he sent his son to one biggest universities in the world (imperial university) which is located in London, England.
This shows each and every one of us how vital it is to teach your children responsibility, and make sure that they keep moving and not remain stagnant. The moral of the is that if you keep moving and doing something and learning you will exceed all expectation. However if you stop and remain stagnant you find that all the beauty and wonders of life and the world will pass you by .                                                                                                                                                                                            

Friday, June 29, 2012

How people think

   Welcome to today’s episode of a . Today’s about how people think, people have different ways of thinking. I will tell you something now and you will laugh…you will laugh at yourself…and you will laugh at us because we all make that same mistake. But please when you laughing at yourself, say to yourself that you will never do this again. I will tell you some common things that people say and we all say them. I will give you a few examples and we can name today’s episode “Me and the others’!” What do we say about ourselves and about others?
  One example is when someone makes a mistake…we call it stupidity or inexperience…But when we make mistakes…we say that all humans make mistakes!! If other people take a long time doing a job we say that they are lazy and has no authorities…but when we take a long time in that same job we say it’s because we are perfectionists and will not allow for any flaws! Am I right? If my colleague didn’t do what he was supposed to do we call him irresponsible and careless? But when we don’t do what we are supposed to do…we argue that it’s because we are overloaded with work and it’s so unfair! If my colleague takes a sick leave then he must be pretending to be sick, but when we are on sick leave it’s because I am really sick and really tired. If other people make a wrong decision...It’s because they are stupid and do not understand anything and does everything wrong…but when it comes to us making that some decision it’s because I am stressed and I am so wise to have made such a decision…if others talk with their boss in a decent and polite manner then it’s because they are trying to suck up to him, but if I do the same thing then it’s because I am very polite and decent. If other’s talk with their boss in an aggressive and rude way then we say he lacks manners and ethics but if I do the same thing…then I am just setting limits…
  Do you realize how we are dealing with others and how we are dealing with ourselves? If someone, other than me, does something he is not asked to do, then he must be acting just to show off that he is a hard worker, but if it’s me in that same place, then WOW, how wonderful am I…very positive, very caring about work. If my collogue steps out of his office for any reason then he must be doing thing to waste time and pretending that he has something else…but if it was me, then I must have done this because I am going to do other work elsewhere and coming back…
  What do you think about this? A lot of people do this; so many people behave in this way. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “One always looks to a splinter into another person’s eye, while forgetting the branch that’s in their own eye!” this hadith means that people do not see their greatest flaws and look for the smallest flaws in other people. So you must be asking me what I am trying to say…well please search for your own mistakes rather than trying to find mistakes in others. Instead of saying that some people do not understand anything and they are bad…Can you rather talk about what you will do to become successful?
  Believe me as long as we are searching for other people’s mistakes…we forget about all our successes and at the same time we are not stopping them from becoming successful. We are the ones who are losing…if you concentrate on yourself…on your own mistakes and how you can fix them…about your own success and how you can achieve it…Believe me you will succeed and you will not stop others from succeeding. Only then…it will be a .

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get rid of bad habits with a smile of hope

   Welcome to a new . Today a is about “bad habits”. If you practice a bad habit and you can’t give it up. Do I have a method of a to know how to give it up? Yes, I have a good innovation to help everyone to give up bad habits. Bad habits such as smoking, drugs, being irritable, driving carelessly, being huffish, being frown and any bad habits like bad morals, bad behaviors. Any bad behavior you accustom to. I will give you a model to know how to deal with these bad habits to give them up. I swear by Allah, fathers, mothers, young boys and girls this idea is wonderful.
  It’s not my own but I knew it from a friend who lives in “Shobrazangi” – a small village in Monofeya Governorate in Egypt. He told me that his son was seventeen – year old, he was very naughty. He had done a lot of mistakes and bad manners like smoking, stopping practice sports, he couldn’t run with his friends, he became meager and weak, he wake for a long time till daylight and gets up in the afternoon, he became rude with his mother and irritable. He had got too many bad habits.
  His father perplexed and didn’t know how to solve this problem. Thereon he remembered an old and wise man (one of his relatives) who lived in the village. Although my friend lives in Cairo with his son, he went to this man in the village and told him that his son is ill-mannered. Thereon the old man asked him to bring his son. So he told his son to go with him to the village but the boy refused “Obey me” his father said. Then they went to the old man. “We will go for a walk in the fields.” The old man said to the boy. The boy agreed and they went. While they were walking, the old man pointed to some grass and told him that they were harmful and asked him if he could pick them up. The boy picked them easily. After that they saw a bush and he asked the boy to dismount it because it annoyed them and the boy dismounted it easily too. Then they passed a large tree. “Can you dismount this large tree?” the old man asked. The boy dismounted and sweltered. After that they saw a larger tree. The boy dismounted it hardly. Finally they saw a palm tree, thereon the boy said, “No, I can’t, this is impossible, no way and no how”   “My dear son our habits are like seeds, you can control them easily when they are seeds, you can dismount a bush easily but if you delay they will turn into palm trees and you will be powerless and unable to change them.” The old man said.  
  My dear community, you can’t accustom bad habit through another bad habit but this happens when you have an idea or an image such ideas like “let’s smoke, let’s try drugs”. If this happens, you should challenge it. If you challenge it radically, you will give it up easily but if you challenge it eventually, it will be very difficult. When you have a bad idea, challenge it because if you didn’t it will become a mettle, then a will, then an action and finally it will became a habit you can’t change. If you challenged it at first as it was a bush, you could easily dismount it but now after it had grown up you can’t. Dear young boys and girls, we can change our habits while they are small like bushes. Please when you have a bad idea, challenge it. Control it otherwise it will control you. If it control you, you won’t be able to smile a .  

Thank you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The person who hindered your advance and your ambition to succeed was died yesterday. Who is?

   Welcome in a new . The of today is about a company owner. Pay attention to this story. This man fixed a banner in the middle of the company in which it is written in bolt letters: "the person who hindered your advance and your ambition to succeed in the company was died yesterday condolences will be offered tomorrow". Do you hear such a story before? The company's owner is very intelligent. He left all the employees who supplicated Allah to bless the soul of the defunct, very eager to know the person who hindered their progress and success.
  The next day all the employees came, in full suit to prevent their condolences in the company and see their rude bad defunct fellow. They asked the manager where the person who hindered their progress was. He showed them the room where the corpse was and requested them to enter one by one to look over, reflect and contemplate. The employees understood nothing from what the manager wanted them to do. They stood in queue, entered one by one to look over the corpse. Each one who entered got out silent and faced covered. They continued like this till the last one and all got out silent and face covered; nobody talked to the other; they understood nothing. Who he knows what the shroud contains will have a gift.
  The shroud contained a mirror; near the mirror there was a piece of paper where it was written: "The only one who hinders your ambition, development and success is you". So every employee who entered opened the shroud, saw his face in the mirror and read the small paper.
  The president of the company wants to say to them that their faults, that the fact that they considered themselves as minor and does not want to become major, that they don't believe that the will succeed, that they don't want to exert efforts and that they do not want to be hardworking is the unique thing that hinders their progress, development and success.
  The idea of this story is that you are the only one in the world to hinder your success and progress. Do you hear me, young men and women who are preparing now your examinations, you also fresh graduates, you fathers and mothers, you people who want to succeed in life? Your life will change when you change, when your look in the mirror change. Do you understand now the speech of our Lord Almighty when he say: "Allah does not change the condition of people until they change themselves". Change your look in the mirror, change yourself, life around you will change and then you will enjoy a .

Thank you.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Lord give us sustenance as you sustain bugath

    Welcome in a new . The today is about livelihood, sustenance. In these times all people are worry about their sustenance. I insist to draw on your faces a . You will ask how I can give you a in the middle of the economic crisis, the international recession, unemployment and all the current difficulties. I want to tell you that sustenance and livelihood is given; Allah will give you your needs for living; all what you have to do for that is exerting effort. Do not take sedative medicines, do not afraid from future, and just exert some effort. Living possibilities exist.
  I will tell you a story, a very interesting story. A Syrian, a very good man, used to say, when I met him, “Our Lord give me sustenance as you sustain the bugath (the crow’s nestling)”. You know what bugath is? When the crow’s egg hatches, the nestling crow is called bugath. When it grows, the bugath becomes crow. What is the problem of bugath sustenance? This is a sign of our lord. Crow’s color is black. When the crow’s egg hatches, it gives the nestling crow, the bugath, a white colored nestling, because it has no feather. Crow’s feather is black, but it’s inside flesh is white. I bring this information from Discovery TV channel, which shows stories from nature science. When the bugath comes to life, the crow does not recognize its nestling, because of its white color. The crow female refuses to feed its nestling, because it does not recognize it as such. The Provider Almighty sustains the bugath with small insects that are attracted to the nestling crow’s white color. The hatch is fed those small insects because its mother refuses to feed it. Its mean of living are provided to him by the Provider.
  You see the meaning of “Our Lord, give us sustenance as you sustain the bugath”. This small crow nestling remains fed by those small insects attracted to his white color, especially to feed it, for one or two weeks. Allah sends those insects especially to the feed the bugath until its feather grows and become clothed in black so that its mother begins to recognize it and proceeds to its feeding. For the first two weeks crow’s female refuses to feed its nestling. It is fed by the Provider Almighty. In fact Oh! Lord, provide us with sustenance as you do for bugath.
  There is very beautiful verse from Quran which the meaning is:”there is no creature on earth, but sustained by Allah Almighty”. You also Allah provides you with living means; do not fear for you sustenance. For you, People who go to their work exert some efforts and do not worry about your livelihood. For ladies who are worry about the sustenance of their children, do not fear about their livelihood, it is guaranteed with a little effort. Lord, provide us with sustenance as you do for bugath is a .

Thank you

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our fierce power and potentiality that we haven’t discovered yet

    Welcome to today’s episode of a smile of hope. Smile of hope of today is about our fierce power and potentiality that we haven’t discovered yet. Do you know that we have great potentialities and prospects but unfortunately we don’t know that? If we discover them we will succeed, prevail, earn money, smile a smile of hope and people will espect us. But no one do this. We use only 5% of our power. Can you imagine this? Where is the rest (95%)? Where are 95 joules? They exist but you don’t know.

  I’ll tell you a story smile of hope (a symbolic story). One day there were some fugitives in a danger zone during the war of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Europe and there was gunfire and killing so they decided to pierce and cross mountainy zone. It was very hard and snowy to reach the other safe side. An old man and his old wife with a baby decided to cross this mountainy zone. How? They were very old and they should carry their baby. They met some soldiers who were crossing and asked them to accompany them to cross the zone. “we can’t avouch or be responsible for you. We can only carry your baby, if you come with us you should walk as fast as we walk and if you or your old wife fall down we will leave you because we can’t stop and we have to pass quickly” the leader said.

  The leader and the soldiers began to move actively as they were strong and healthy. The old woman was quite well but the old man began to get tired. Then he fell down among snow so he might die. “I can’t continue.” The old man said. “We are sorry, we can’t stop.  We told you that before, we will go with your wife and your baby and will leave you alone.” The leader said. His wife was so intelligent she asked the soldiers to give her their baby. She took the baby and gave him to her husband. “Stand up and carry the baby or die together. I will go with them alone.” Then she left him and didn’t look behind.

  After two minutes she saw the man coming with the baby. When he felt that the baby would die, he began to evoke power and potentiality. I swear by Allah we have potentiality. Can you believe that the old man arrived first with his baby and he was carrying the baby? You have a lot of potentialities but you don’t know that. Laziness impedes this power to work.

  I know a gymnastic teacher who asked a player to do 20 pushups. The player did 20. Then the teacher asked him to do another 20 pushups.” No, I can’t. This is very difficult” the player said. The teacher told him to be patient so the player did another 20 pushups. After that the teacher asked for additional 20 pushups. But the player refused and told him that he couldn’t and he would die. The teacher insists on doing and being sturdy and so on.  Finally the player did 100 pushups. And fell down while he was playing. “Did you know the difference between 20 and 100 pushups? This is the difference between your power as you know and the potentiality you actually have.” The teacher said.

  Smile of hope we have so much. Please, be backboned and recall your potentialities. Don’t say “stop, that’s enough.” Try more and more try this idea and you’ll be successful, happy and smile of hope.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


    Welcome in a new smile of hope. Smile of hope today is about Jana. Jana is 14 years old Jordanian girl. She is very beautiful. She has had a great position with her father and mother that I couldn’t forget. Before telling the story of Jana, her father and mother, I want to say to you only profit of your father and mother and learn from them. Also your parent profit of you, they need your love and help. Today I am addressing young boys and girls who think always that who they give kindness and compassion, who help, hug, regroup the family are always father and mother. Do you ever think that you can unify your father and mother, influence them and fill home with love? Do not live for yourselves; don’t prevent yourselves from such love and be finally surprised that your parent will divorce and therefore, there will be no love at home.
  The story of Jana is told to me by her father. Jana, a Jordanian, is 14 years old; all her interest was to be with her female friends; she did not bother of her father and mother who were about to divorce. Jana’s father told me that the household was insupportable and there was no common terrain to discuss with Jana’s mother, no dialogue, the divorce was about to take place. The children knew the problem. The elder son left the house weeping and crying. But Jana had been positive. She gave rendezvous to her father in a place saying to him that she needed urgently to talk to him. At the same time and in the same place she gave rendezvous to her mother with the same reason. Father and mother found themselves face to face and Jana between them.
  Jana guided the discussion, praying her mother and father to have seats. She had an album of photos. She began to open a photo and say: “Papa, mama, do you see this photo? This is the photo of your wedding day. Look papa, how you are smiling to mama; how are you happy with her! And you mama, you’re happy also with papa”. She opened another photo of her birthday and showed her parent how they were happy when she came to the world. She continued to open one by one the photos and recall happy memories and merry moments. Her father who told me the story said that he began to weep and her mother began to weep also. Jana, a young girl, played the role of a mature person; took the hands of her parents. Kissed them, hugged them and restored love in the household. Jana is not reacted violently such as has done her elder brother, who left the house. She acted positively and unified her father and mother.
  So young boy and girls, you also you can influence your parents, they need you. Your influence in them can be million times more than a sermon, than another adult. You are the one who has the magic keys to open your father’s and mother’s heart. Take care of your father, mother and you will be happy and you will draw a smile of hope in your homes and ours.
Thank you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

If you couldn't carry out great deeds, do a small one

    smile of hope1     The smile of hope of today is from Mexico; the story smile of hope from Mexico is about a small child who sat in the seashore and threw the starfish drawn by waves on the shore inside water again. You know the starfish that we find in Alexandria shores, in the North shores or in the Red Sea shores. This starfish will die if the waves throw it on the shore; it has to be inside the sea to survive.

 The story smile of hope told us that the boy sat at the ocean shore. He knew that if the starfish was brought to the shore it would die. So when the boy remarked that there was a starfish brought by the waves to the shore, he stood up quickly, took the starfish and threw it inside the sea; he continued to do so tirelessly. Seeing his enthusiasm, his father laughed. The boy asked his father why he laughed. The father said to his son that he laughed on him because the sea threw to the shores more than one thousand per day and ten thousands all two or three days; he told his son that he returned only two or three inside water; he could not returned all the poor starfish thrown on the shores. The boy said to his father:"Dad, at least I can save two, if I couldn't save tens of thousands". His father stopped laughing and discovered that his son was wiser that him and more intelligent than him.

  What I want to say, basing on this simple story, is that: If you couldn't carry out great deeds, do a small one. Humanity is good. Believe me sometimes we need to learn humanity from our children thanks to their innocence. The small boy finds that it is difficult for him to see a starfish dying; he decides to save it and return it to the water without losing his enthusiasm and without taking into consideration and that there are tens of thousands starfish die at shores.

  There are people who die in our country and in other countries. Poverty spreads too much, poor people increase. Do not leave devil tell you cannot resolve the problem of poverty in earth, because there are tens of thousands of poor people. Save the life of one poor person, if you couldn't make great deed for them. Save a human being, learn from that small child. Everyone who sees a poor person has to help him, makes him stand on his feet, not necessary gives him money, soothe him, does him a favor, and teaches him how to read and write. Save people. If you draw a smile of hope on the faces of people, our lord Almighty will draw a smile of hope on your faces.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Old Man & the Ships Engine

   Welcome to a new episode a smile of hope. There was once a great cruise ship and one of its engines were broken. The owner of the company gathered all his engineers and to try and fix the broken engine. They tried all they can to fix it but it was of no use. So they thought and pondered, and then remembered that there was an older man who specialized in engine maintenance. So they called him over. As the older man arrived he had with him an entire bag of tools. This man started inspecting the engine from top to bottom. The other engineers along with owners were flabbergasted by this old man and wanted to see what he was going to do. They old man than took out of his bag a little hummer and screwdriver and started to bang on the sides of the engine. All of a sudden the engine kick started. This took the old man about five minutes. The engine started working well.
  After a week the company received an invoice from the old man. The invoice was for about $10.000. The company was in shock due to the fact that all he did was bang on the engine. So the company owner sent a letter to this old man saying that he should clearly state the details of said invoice. So the old man sent a detailed letter of the invoice in which he stated: the banging on the engine costs $2, and to know where to bang with the hammer costs $9.998.
  The point of this story smile of hope is if you know where to bang and find a way to kick start your engine of life, you will achieve motion, and if you don’t know where or how to bang your engine of life you will remain motionless. I am afraid and worried for all you younger men that if you don’t know how to start your engines of life, life will pass you by. Please find ways to start your life, and if you are at a loss consult your father, your grandfather and ask them and brainstorm and find ways to start your life and smile of hope.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taking an initiative

   Welcome to a new episode a smile of hope. Smile of hope today is about taking an initiative. You may ask me “What do you mean by taking an initiative?” sometimes people have skills that will help them to successful in life. However, they are not courageous enough, they don’t take a step, and they don’t have a strong will, or they choose not to take the lead. There are many young men and women who are listening to me who have very high aptitude and can be very successful smile of hope…but unfortunately, they’re not courageous enough.
  Let me tell you smile of hope story from Morocco, told to me by a writer. He’s a writer with great aptitude, who seemed like he’ll be a famous writer on day. This story is of course, an old story. The first book he wrote, he couldn’t find a publisher to publish the book. He tried and submitted it to several publishers, and still no one wanted to publish it. Finally, after numerous tries, he found a publisher who decided to publish his book. By coincidence, his book got published right in time for the Moroccan Book Fair.
  At the Book Fair, the organizers setup a stage in front of the large crowd for the best writers to speak about their books, and autograph them. The writer had just published a new book, and he was watching while the best writers were all on the stage. The presentations began and people were entertained, but there was an empty seat on the stage. The person who was supposed to be sitting there didn’t show up. Out of respect, the writer thought to himself that the person should be arrived soon.10, 15, and 20 minutes passed and still no one showed up to fill the seat on the stage. The seat remained empty on the stage, with no name in front of it. The presentation began and people forgot that there’s an empty seat on the stage. The writer, however, did not forget about the empty seat. Do you know what this writer decided to do? The writer decided to go up on the stage and sit in the empty seat and present his first book. Although he never got an invitation, the seat on stage was empty. It would have been wrong and disrespectful that he gets on the stage, if the person who’s supposed to be sitting in the seat had arrived and he took his seat. However, he decided to take the initiative, because a third of the presentation had passed and no one showed up.
  This is a great example of taking an initiative and smile of hope. Many people in his shoes would be embarrassed or would be afraid of other people’s critique. However, what’s wrong with receiving other people critiques? Yet in fact, most of us learn and grow with constructive criticism. The writer took 10 books and sat on the empty seat. Can you imagine the courage? One of the organizers realized that he got on the stage. She went his way, to make sure that he had an invitation to be on stage. He took an initiative again, looked at her in confidence, and he apologized for being late. She asked him what he would like to drink and he asked for a cup of tea. When it was his turn to speak, he presented his book in eloquence.
  People were amused by his new and amazing idea. People came around him, while the media began recording what was happening. He autographed his book and many people got copies of it and took pictures with him. In the following year, Fear’s book was the first book being passed out in the Book Fair. He was also the first invitee to be on the stage. He said that had he not gone on the stage the first time and presented himself with great eloquence and confidence, he wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to go up the second time.
  Take an initiative, smile of hope and be courageous. Have self-confidence, be strong and be courageous. Definitely do not take someone else’s rights or positions. However, be courageous and self-confident. You will then be happy with a smile of happiness, which will be drawn on your face and on the faces of those who love you.
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Think before taking conclusion

   Welcome in a new smile of hope. This smile of hope of today speaks about an idea, if you adopt in your life, you will be smiling all your life. It is: “think before taking conclusion”, i.e. when you see something before you don’t act immediately, think firstly. 

  I will tell you a funny story. It is about a lady waiting for her train in the railway station. The story took place in England. The lady was hungry. She bought a sac of popcorn and sweet, but them near her in her seat and began to eat. A young woman came sat near her on the same bench. The young woman began to put her hand in the sac of the lady and eat from popcorn. The lady was angry and asked herself what was the bravery? For the lady such action was impertinence from the young woman. The young woman continued to enter her hand in the lady’s sac and eat from popcorn, while the angry lady’s face became red. The lady was about to hit the young woman or cry on her face for such impoliteness, while the later looked to her and smiled. The lady began to think that the new generation was impertinent and impolite. The young lady continued till finishing all the remaining popcorn, while the lady tried to push the sac away from the young woman’s hand when the train entered into the station.

  When the young woman entered into the wagon, the angry lady, who controlled herself and did not insult that young woman, opened her handbag and found that her popcorn sac was there. The lady realized that the popcorn sac from which she was eating was not her; it was the young woman’s.

  What do you think about this story? So please think before taking a conclusion, cool down before getting nervous, before quarrelling with others. What great the Quran is! When our Prophet Suleiman said: “why I didn’t see the hoopoe”; he then continued: “maybe it is among the absent”. Before you say what I have to do, think firstly. A good story, isn’t it? Believe me, you will live in smile and hope as far as you are thinking before acting, before getting nervous and quarrelling with other people. The popcorn sac shall be with you at the end while you are not paying attention. Think, be careful and Allah Almighty will render you happy and, thus, our life will be full of smile of hope.
Thank you.