Sunday, June 17, 2012

If you couldn't carry out great deeds, do a small one

    smile of hope1     The smile of hope of today is from Mexico; the story smile of hope from Mexico is about a small child who sat in the seashore and threw the starfish drawn by waves on the shore inside water again. You know the starfish that we find in Alexandria shores, in the North shores or in the Red Sea shores. This starfish will die if the waves throw it on the shore; it has to be inside the sea to survive.

 The story smile of hope told us that the boy sat at the ocean shore. He knew that if the starfish was brought to the shore it would die. So when the boy remarked that there was a starfish brought by the waves to the shore, he stood up quickly, took the starfish and threw it inside the sea; he continued to do so tirelessly. Seeing his enthusiasm, his father laughed. The boy asked his father why he laughed. The father said to his son that he laughed on him because the sea threw to the shores more than one thousand per day and ten thousands all two or three days; he told his son that he returned only two or three inside water; he could not returned all the poor starfish thrown on the shores. The boy said to his father:"Dad, at least I can save two, if I couldn't save tens of thousands". His father stopped laughing and discovered that his son was wiser that him and more intelligent than him.

  What I want to say, basing on this simple story, is that: If you couldn't carry out great deeds, do a small one. Humanity is good. Believe me sometimes we need to learn humanity from our children thanks to their innocence. The small boy finds that it is difficult for him to see a starfish dying; he decides to save it and return it to the water without losing his enthusiasm and without taking into consideration and that there are tens of thousands starfish die at shores.

  There are people who die in our country and in other countries. Poverty spreads too much, poor people increase. Do not leave devil tell you cannot resolve the problem of poverty in earth, because there are tens of thousands of poor people. Save the life of one poor person, if you couldn't make great deed for them. Save a human being, learn from that small child. Everyone who sees a poor person has to help him, makes him stand on his feet, not necessary gives him money, soothe him, does him a favor, and teaches him how to read and write. Save people. If you draw a smile of hope on the faces of people, our lord Almighty will draw a smile of hope on your faces.

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