Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good People are valuable to God

   The smile of hope today is about a story that I witnessed myself. I have had a friend that I loved too much, his name is Ahmed Kandil, and he is one of the best people I have ever seen. He did not fool, did not laugh at others. He was interiorly beautiful. Such people when Allah put them to the proof in the present life, he does not fatigue them. Ahmed had cancer. He had been very tired. Four month before his death he phoned me. He became very tired and his movement was very difficult. He told me that he wanted to go to Hajj. I said to myself: "How can he perform Hajj. Hajj is difficult and even healthy people get tired in Hajj. How can Ahmed do?" I said to him: "Allah willing".i did not know what to say, as if I said it would not be. But Ahmed had a sincere firmness. Two weeks before Hajj Ahmed phoned me and said:"I have got the visa; I shall go to Hajj alone". Found him in such insistence I said to him "We will perform Hajj together". It was the easiest Hajj I have ever performed that one with Ahmed. After we finished Hajj, I said to him the Haram was crowded, let us pass after two days and perform Tawaf Ifadah. But Ahmed left me sleeping and performed the Tawaf. One I asked him why he said he could not, he wanted to finish his Hajj.
  Two weeks after we returned, Ahmed entered in coma for three months and died. The last thing he did was Hajj. He returned back as his mother born him. He had not do any bad thing to anybody, did not insult anyone. Allah blesses Ahmed soul. Ahmed Adhered to life and consulted physicians. We have a common friend. He know that Ahmed was about to die. He said to Ahmed: "It is your right to adhere to life, but you have to know that you have the opportunity that Allah grants to you, you know that death is nearer and you have to profit of this opportunity.
  Ahmed was very kind; he finished his life with Hajj and returned as his mother born him without sins. Allah blesses his soul. This is a smile of hope to his wife, his children and to him in his grave.