Friday, June 29, 2012

How people think

   Welcome to today’s episode of a . Today’s about how people think, people have different ways of thinking. I will tell you something now and you will laugh…you will laugh at yourself…and you will laugh at us because we all make that same mistake. But please when you laughing at yourself, say to yourself that you will never do this again. I will tell you some common things that people say and we all say them. I will give you a few examples and we can name today’s episode “Me and the others’!” What do we say about ourselves and about others?
  One example is when someone makes a mistake…we call it stupidity or inexperience…But when we make mistakes…we say that all humans make mistakes!! If other people take a long time doing a job we say that they are lazy and has no authorities…but when we take a long time in that same job we say it’s because we are perfectionists and will not allow for any flaws! Am I right? If my colleague didn’t do what he was supposed to do we call him irresponsible and careless? But when we don’t do what we are supposed to do…we argue that it’s because we are overloaded with work and it’s so unfair! If my colleague takes a sick leave then he must be pretending to be sick, but when we are on sick leave it’s because I am really sick and really tired. If other people make a wrong decision...It’s because they are stupid and do not understand anything and does everything wrong…but when it comes to us making that some decision it’s because I am stressed and I am so wise to have made such a decision…if others talk with their boss in a decent and polite manner then it’s because they are trying to suck up to him, but if I do the same thing then it’s because I am very polite and decent. If other’s talk with their boss in an aggressive and rude way then we say he lacks manners and ethics but if I do the same thing…then I am just setting limits…
  Do you realize how we are dealing with others and how we are dealing with ourselves? If someone, other than me, does something he is not asked to do, then he must be acting just to show off that he is a hard worker, but if it’s me in that same place, then WOW, how wonderful am I…very positive, very caring about work. If my collogue steps out of his office for any reason then he must be doing thing to waste time and pretending that he has something else…but if it was me, then I must have done this because I am going to do other work elsewhere and coming back…
  What do you think about this? A lot of people do this; so many people behave in this way. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “One always looks to a splinter into another person’s eye, while forgetting the branch that’s in their own eye!” this hadith means that people do not see their greatest flaws and look for the smallest flaws in other people. So you must be asking me what I am trying to say…well please search for your own mistakes rather than trying to find mistakes in others. Instead of saying that some people do not understand anything and they are bad…Can you rather talk about what you will do to become successful?
  Believe me as long as we are searching for other people’s mistakes…we forget about all our successes and at the same time we are not stopping them from becoming successful. We are the ones who are losing…if you concentrate on yourself…on your own mistakes and how you can fix them…about your own success and how you can achieve it…Believe me you will succeed and you will not stop others from succeeding. Only then…it will be a .