Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good People are valuable to God

   The smile of hope today is about a story that I witnessed myself. I have had a friend that I loved too much, his name is Ahmed Kandil, and he is one of the best people I have ever seen. He did not fool, did not laugh at others. He was interiorly beautiful. Such people when Allah put them to the proof in the present life, he does not fatigue them. Ahmed had cancer. He had been very tired. Four month before his death he phoned me. He became very tired and his movement was very difficult. He told me that he wanted to go to Hajj. I said to myself: "How can he perform Hajj. Hajj is difficult and even healthy people get tired in Hajj. How can Ahmed do?" I said to him: "Allah willing".i did not know what to say, as if I said it would not be. But Ahmed had a sincere firmness. Two weeks before Hajj Ahmed phoned me and said:"I have got the visa; I shall go to Hajj alone". Found him in such insistence I said to him "We will perform Hajj together". It was the easiest Hajj I have ever performed that one with Ahmed. After we finished Hajj, I said to him the Haram was crowded, let us pass after two days and perform Tawaf Ifadah. But Ahmed left me sleeping and performed the Tawaf. One I asked him why he said he could not, he wanted to finish his Hajj.
  Two weeks after we returned, Ahmed entered in coma for three months and died. The last thing he did was Hajj. He returned back as his mother born him. He had not do any bad thing to anybody, did not insult anyone. Allah blesses Ahmed soul. Ahmed Adhered to life and consulted physicians. We have a common friend. He know that Ahmed was about to die. He said to Ahmed: "It is your right to adhere to life, but you have to know that you have the opportunity that Allah grants to you, you know that death is nearer and you have to profit of this opportunity.
  Ahmed was very kind; he finished his life with Hajj and returned as his mother born him without sins. Allah blesses his soul. This is a smile of hope to his wife, his children and to him in his grave.

Monday, September 17, 2012

How to overcome being edgy, and how to be very calm

   Welcome to a new episode of smile of hope. People these days are nervous, apprehensive, stressed out, tense, and life is difficult for them. The episode smile of hope today is for the people who are extremely edgy, because of current events, life circumstances, traffic, or the heat. However, regardless to reason, the truth is people are very apprehensive. I will tell you a very beneficial story of how to overcome being edgy, and how to be very calm. When you are edgy,you being bothering others, sometimes your kids, wife, your neighbor, and sometimes be involved in road rage. You keep bothering and hurting others, and saying "what am I supposed to do, I'm very edgy?"

  I’ll tell you the story of a father, whose son was always very apprehensive, and whenever anything happened he'd show great anger and would start slamming around and starting fights. The father told him "I'll teach you something". Anytime you become edgy, I want you to take this piece of wood and hammer a nail into it. Every time you hurt someone or become edgy, I want you to hammer a nail into it. It was apparent the son wanted to overcome his problem, because apparently he kept on losing a lot of people in his life. He brought the large piece of wood in his room as well as a hammer and nails, and every time he'd hurt someone he'd hammer in a nail-bang, bang, bang- for every instance – bang, bang bang. The first night, he put in 30 nails. He felt like he should reduce this number. The second night, this hands-on experiment caused him to reduce it to 20 nails. The third night he did 10 nails. The fourth night it was only 5 nails. After a week, he didn't put in a single nail. The idea of the hammer hitting the nail and making the loud bang-bang-bang noise hurt him and made him be careful, and he took the decision to stop bothering others. After that, he returned to his father, and his father told him "See how great you've become? I have a request for you; please remove the nails from the wood." The son responded "but these are too many nails in the wood." The father said, "No, you must remove the nails from the wood." The son removed the nails from the wood, and the wood was filled with holes.

 The father told the son with great wisdom "you did this to the hearts and minds of those you aggravated with your edginess. Imagine all the holes in the hearts and minds of those you've bothered. You have left a scar in the hearts and minds of all those you've bothered. I wonder how many scars are in your wife's hearts and mind because of you? I wonder, young men and women: Are you hammering nails in your mother's hearts?

How can that be?

  No no, can you imagine the holes in people's hearts because of the nails you hammered into them with your rough words and edginess? Can you stop hammering nails in people's hearts? Can you remember this story? Can you stop yourself, and beware of being edgy? If you can't control yourself then get the wood and the nails, and do this experiment. May God protect us, guide us, protect our homes, and help us be calm in these hard days. There is no smile of hope without being able to keep cool. Keep cool, and see a wonderful smile of hope.

                                                              Thank you        

Smile of hope

Monday, July 16, 2012

Call on your Lord and Allah will be with you as the Ever-Powerful and Exalted in Might

  Welcome to today's episode of a . Today's episode is about father of three children. This father was a very rich man. This is an imaginary story which has a very nice meaning. One day he filled a big box with pearls, gold and rubies. This box was very expensive and very luxurious. It was very heavy… but he carried it and put it in front of his three children that he truly loves and told them: "you are all my children… and I have decided to give this box to you all" and he opened the box in front of them and asked each one of them to reach out with their hands and take only a hand-full of jewels. Only as much as his palms can carry, but only one time.
  The eldest brother, of course, has much larger hands and so he digged his hands deep into the pile of jewels and took out lots of pearls, but only one time. The middle      brother, who also has large hands, he put his big hands into the box and took out so many jewels. Now was the turn of the youngest brother, whose hands were small compared with his brothers. He looked at his brothers…each one having so many pearls and jewels…and looks to his hands that were small and weak. So what did he do? Nothing…he did not reach out with his hands…but rather…he ran into his father's arms and asked him: "Do you love me?" so the father replied "I love you so much, my son" so he told his father "I don't want to take my share on my own. Can you give me my share, with your own hands?" so the father looked at his other two children and asked them: "Didn't you both           get your share?" He closed the box and gave the entire box to his youngest son.
  Why am I telling you this story? You and I every day, our weak strengths stop us from talking everything we desire in life. Then why don't you seek the Mighty one? Why don't you go to Allah Subhanaho wa taala? Why do we always make the wrong choices and only depend on our strengths which are weak, and we know that we are weak. I am telling you this story and God is my raw model. Why don't you go to God and tell God "All human beings and your creators, just like this man, all those children are his, but I have come to you, please help me. Of course you will have to work and exert effort but you will go to him to choose for you and to give you. There is a beautiful statement that says "In normal cases, a person who has a father does not get worried, then how would someone get worried if they have a God?" Wow…usually people with a father, especially a strong father, does not need to worry…then how can people get worried if they have Allah?
  Please when you are in trouble, and life is giving you a hard time, then go to God and tell him "My hands are small and my capabilities are limited and weak…make me strong and you give me what you wish. Please make things easier for me. Please fix my problems. They are much stronger than me and I am so weak. I have no one but you. If my father protects me…then imagine how much protection God will give me…always ask him…and then it will be a .

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Allah Almighty, gather us in Paradise

Hope 5 The today is about a very beautiful thing, but unfortunately many people do not feel it, live with it or dream of it. It is Paradise. Your utmost hope is to enter Paradise. Anyone say: "I hope to go to paradise, enjoy in it, be with my family and beloved therein, enjoy its palaces, towers, rivers, and seas; I hope I please to Allah, meet the prophet therein".
  I will tell you a joyful story. If a small child says to you: "I will give you big thing, what do you believe he can give you?" The biggest thing you can expect is 100 pounds. But if a bank manager says to you: "You have a big thing with me" you can expect 200,000, you except something complying with the weight of the person. Now if a head of state or a king says to you: "You have a large thing with me". What do you expect, one million? Of course not less than one million. If the owner of the world says: "I prepare to my righteous slaves something that no eye sees, no ear hears of and no human being can imagine". This thing is of course something which is not comparable with those promises of a small child, a bank manager or a president or a king.
  The compensation of Allah promises is Paradise. If you want the Paradise, you have to work for it. The dream of paradise is not a drug but the Prophet Muhammad never mentioned paradise without relate it with hard work in our life. The Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) says: "Paradise is under the feet of mothers." Be kind with your mother you will go to Paradise. The Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) said
, "Allah makes the way to Paradise easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.'' Work, make people happy, learn useful things and share them with others you will go to Paradise and will have the sustaining smile forever and .                                                                                                                                                                                               Smile of hope

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Treat people with your values & norms and not theirs

    Welcome everyone to anew . Today episode is a from England. In England, There's famous park called ''Hyde park''. While taking a walk in the Hyde Park, I saw an old man. It was quite cold; he was standing near a tree &trying to climb it. He was indeed an old man. Yet he wanted to climb it. I looked at the top of the tree to know what he was searching for &I found a small nest with a small bird crying very loud. Apparently the wind blows the nest &both the nest and the bird was now crumbed between two boughs. The bird kept screaming and screaming then, I realized that the man only wanted to help the bird and save it from the fix.   
  The man tried to climb the tree& failed couple of times &then, when he succeeded& wanted to save the bird from the nest, the bird bit him hardly that he screamed out of loud! One minute later, after he saw that the wound wasn't huge, he climbed again & the bird again bit him harder. He climbed for the third & the fourth times & the bird bit him again and again. Oh! God the man was bit consecutively this appeared to be useless! The friend of that old man was there watching what was happening. He blamed him for not learning the lesson even after several times. And on contrary, he's persist ant on what he's doing. The old man told him a great statement, the eagle's nature is to bite strangers but my nature is to be compassionate and loving. The bird will keep on biting me and I will never stop being kind &compassionate towards it. The fourth time he succeeded in saving the bird, replacing the nest on a stable bough, the bird was finally calm.
   It is true that the man's finger was bitten several times in different places, but this kind man's words kept echoing in my head. ''The bird's nature is to bite the strangers but my nature is to be compassionate and loving towards others.'' treat people with your values & norms and not theirs. No matter how they're hard in their nature, no matter how rude they are, never imitate them. If all the people mean, just be the good example. Do you know how Allah treats us? Our sins are numerous but he treats us with his mercy not according to our deeds. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us a very nice prayer ((oh Allah! don't treat us according to our deeds but treat us with your mercy &forgiveness.)).Never return a rude treatment, by someone who's ill mannered, by a similar treatment. Always remember that your norms and behaviors are different than theirs. Can you understand this point, fellow friends? Today in our country we could see several examples for people who harm others in different ways. Don't pay attention to them. If all the people decided to be ill-mannered, stay away from them .Stay as you are, and don't degrade yourself to others low manners. Keep your good manners, keep the .

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The story of the founder of FedEx (Be Ambitious)

      Welcome in a new . The of today is about somebody who established a company, a very famous company named FedEx. This well-known company is worldwide carrier for packages, clothes, anything; from here to any country in the world, FedEx will provide such services to you. FedEx has aircrafts, train wagons; it is very big company. Who established FedEx? The founder of this company is Fred Smith, an American who was ex-student in Yale University.
  The of this man is very strange. I will tell you this and advise you not to think that you will fail; even, if you fail and you have a good idea, be patient, adhere to it. When Fred Smith conceived his idea, nobody in the world thought that it would be useful to invest in carrying packages from a country to another country. Fred Smith submitted his concept as the graduation project in his final year at the university. It was his dream that he wanted to achieve. They told them at the university that any student who brought a good dream would have high mark. Therefore, Smith submitted his dream to transport packages, couriers and anything around the world during two days. The teachers gave him zero because he submitted a credulous idea, an unconceivable one. They told him that his silly idea and imaginary dreams are useless.
  One of his teachers sympathized with him and told him to change the project and he would give him the full mark. But Smith told his sympathetic teacher to keep his marks, because he would keep his project, his dream. For Smith it was not a matter of marks. You, boys and girls, you go to the school, to the college, to obtain high marks. I don’t mean that anyone has to go tomorrow saying to his teacher that he does not want marks because he has a dream. Do not misunderstand my speech, we are about to proceed to the final year examination; parents will be angry with me if you misunderstand and miss-interpret my idea. Smith said to his teacher to keep the plus marks the teacher would give him for changing his project and he would keep his dream despite the zero mark that the jury gave him.
  After his graduation, smith with a group of five or six of his friends began their project with 8 packages. Only eight packages at the beginning lead now to millions of packages circulating around the world. They lost money at the beginning of the project and people laughed at them; their parents advised them to stop the project. But they continued to fight for their dream.
Now FedEx is one of the largest companies in the world. Its aircrafts circulate around the Globe carrying packages. Fred Smith is still famous, but nobody knows his teacher who gave him zero for his project. Failure at the beginning of the project did not make him hesitate to insist to achieve his dream. Grasp on your dream, insist on it; if you fail once, don't be discouraged, and continue till you succeed. At that time believe me you enjoy a large .                                                                                                                                                               

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fear God

     Welcome to a new . Today’s lesson is how we can find a way to fear and incorporate Allah the most gracious and compassionate in our relationship with one another. We all believe that to worship God in prayer and fasting is enough. There is a presence of God in the social context. We all need to take care of our relationship between Allah the most compassionate and each other. You know that God forgives us for our shortcomings, but he doesn’t forgive us for the people we hurt until we mend said issues.
  This   is based in Syria, and it is about a man that was married to a woman. The Syrian man was very rich and was blessed with a great fortune as well as buildings and companies. However his wife started to notice that he was changing. She felt that he was hiding a secret which his wife started to feel. It came to light that he got married without her knowledge. The woman eventually finds out but remained quiet out of respect and dignity. She said “I will not let him know that I am aware of his marriage”. She therefore, remained good to her husband and continued performing her duties as wife (in a respectful way).
  The man eventually passed away, and as his will was being read and distributed between her and her children. She refused to inherit the money due to the presence of the other wife. She went to her children and said “that their father was married to another woman, and that they should give her share of wealth to her. Do you see the presence of God in family and social matters? To have faith and to worship Allah the most gracious and compassionate does not only mean to wear a (Hijab), or recite the Quran and to fast Ramadan is not the only way to worship Allah the most compassionate. But to be kind, fair and polite is a considered greatness in the eyes of Allah the most compassionate.
  This is smile of hope is so beautiful because as the woman and her children sent the money to the other wife, her reply was shocking and heart-filling: she said “I don’t deserve this money because he divorced me a week ago. These two women are great and are a true blessing from God. Because now a day you will find that spouses and children fight over inheritances. But that’s not when you see a smile of hope. A comes from sharing and opening up your heart to more meaningful things.                                                                                


Saturday, June 30, 2012

From cleaning the floor to the top of success

     Welcome to a new episode of A . Today’s is about a dear friend of mine his name is Dr.Mohamad. Dr.Mohamed’s and his greatness is primarily fuelled by his father. I always say that you should work and do something when you have spare time, even when you are on a break or a summer holiday. This begins when Dr.Mohamed was in middle school, his father is an owner of one the biggest printing presses in Alexandria, Egypt, and he printed out newspapers, gathered the news, and put all his energy and love into it.
  One day during summer he approached his son Dr.Mohamed, and said that he had no one that takes a salary during summer without putting in the work; the father stated “when you do the work, you will receive money for what you worked for, and what you will get is what you will spend”. So the father started to ponder about different areas and fields that his son could work in, so he thought and though, until he asked himself what is the first stage of a successful printing company. That’s when he said “you will go and sell newspapers on the street”. So Dr.Mohamed marched up and down the street selling these newspapers. As the days came to a close he went back to his father and gave him his earnings, this is when the father stated “this is how much you sold this how much you made”. The following year the father told him the fact that you sold newspaper last year, this year you will clean the floors of the printing press’s factory. So Dr. Mohamed did as his father asked and started to clean the floors. The after, since you cleansed the floors this year, You have now earned the right to work hand in hand with the editor to observe and learn about how the news is gathered, and to combine all the appropriate information.
  The following year, the father told his son you will now travel to England and work in a world famous printing press, to observe how all the information is gathered and combined. The following year he told his son that he will have to learning the ways of publication industries in depth. The following year he wanted his son to sit with the writers and learn from them the different and intricate ways of pen men ship    , as well as gathering the information and being able to have a clear summary of how it is gathered. After that he sent his son to one biggest universities in the world (imperial university) which is located in London, England.
This shows each and every one of us how vital it is to teach your children responsibility, and make sure that they keep moving and not remain stagnant. The moral of the is that if you keep moving and doing something and learning you will exceed all expectation. However if you stop and remain stagnant you find that all the beauty and wonders of life and the world will pass you by .                                                                                                                                                                                            

Friday, June 29, 2012

How people think

   Welcome to today’s episode of a . Today’s about how people think, people have different ways of thinking. I will tell you something now and you will laugh…you will laugh at yourself…and you will laugh at us because we all make that same mistake. But please when you laughing at yourself, say to yourself that you will never do this again. I will tell you some common things that people say and we all say them. I will give you a few examples and we can name today’s episode “Me and the others’!” What do we say about ourselves and about others?
  One example is when someone makes a mistake…we call it stupidity or inexperience…But when we make mistakes…we say that all humans make mistakes!! If other people take a long time doing a job we say that they are lazy and has no authorities…but when we take a long time in that same job we say it’s because we are perfectionists and will not allow for any flaws! Am I right? If my colleague didn’t do what he was supposed to do we call him irresponsible and careless? But when we don’t do what we are supposed to do…we argue that it’s because we are overloaded with work and it’s so unfair! If my colleague takes a sick leave then he must be pretending to be sick, but when we are on sick leave it’s because I am really sick and really tired. If other people make a wrong decision...It’s because they are stupid and do not understand anything and does everything wrong…but when it comes to us making that some decision it’s because I am stressed and I am so wise to have made such a decision…if others talk with their boss in a decent and polite manner then it’s because they are trying to suck up to him, but if I do the same thing then it’s because I am very polite and decent. If other’s talk with their boss in an aggressive and rude way then we say he lacks manners and ethics but if I do the same thing…then I am just setting limits…
  Do you realize how we are dealing with others and how we are dealing with ourselves? If someone, other than me, does something he is not asked to do, then he must be acting just to show off that he is a hard worker, but if it’s me in that same place, then WOW, how wonderful am I…very positive, very caring about work. If my collogue steps out of his office for any reason then he must be doing thing to waste time and pretending that he has something else…but if it was me, then I must have done this because I am going to do other work elsewhere and coming back…
  What do you think about this? A lot of people do this; so many people behave in this way. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “One always looks to a splinter into another person’s eye, while forgetting the branch that’s in their own eye!” this hadith means that people do not see their greatest flaws and look for the smallest flaws in other people. So you must be asking me what I am trying to say…well please search for your own mistakes rather than trying to find mistakes in others. Instead of saying that some people do not understand anything and they are bad…Can you rather talk about what you will do to become successful?
  Believe me as long as we are searching for other people’s mistakes…we forget about all our successes and at the same time we are not stopping them from becoming successful. We are the ones who are losing…if you concentrate on yourself…on your own mistakes and how you can fix them…about your own success and how you can achieve it…Believe me you will succeed and you will not stop others from succeeding. Only then…it will be a .

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get rid of bad habits with a smile of hope

   Welcome to a new . Today a is about “bad habits”. If you practice a bad habit and you can’t give it up. Do I have a method of a to know how to give it up? Yes, I have a good innovation to help everyone to give up bad habits. Bad habits such as smoking, drugs, being irritable, driving carelessly, being huffish, being frown and any bad habits like bad morals, bad behaviors. Any bad behavior you accustom to. I will give you a model to know how to deal with these bad habits to give them up. I swear by Allah, fathers, mothers, young boys and girls this idea is wonderful.
  It’s not my own but I knew it from a friend who lives in “Shobrazangi” – a small village in Monofeya Governorate in Egypt. He told me that his son was seventeen – year old, he was very naughty. He had done a lot of mistakes and bad manners like smoking, stopping practice sports, he couldn’t run with his friends, he became meager and weak, he wake for a long time till daylight and gets up in the afternoon, he became rude with his mother and irritable. He had got too many bad habits.
  His father perplexed and didn’t know how to solve this problem. Thereon he remembered an old and wise man (one of his relatives) who lived in the village. Although my friend lives in Cairo with his son, he went to this man in the village and told him that his son is ill-mannered. Thereon the old man asked him to bring his son. So he told his son to go with him to the village but the boy refused “Obey me” his father said. Then they went to the old man. “We will go for a walk in the fields.” The old man said to the boy. The boy agreed and they went. While they were walking, the old man pointed to some grass and told him that they were harmful and asked him if he could pick them up. The boy picked them easily. After that they saw a bush and he asked the boy to dismount it because it annoyed them and the boy dismounted it easily too. Then they passed a large tree. “Can you dismount this large tree?” the old man asked. The boy dismounted and sweltered. After that they saw a larger tree. The boy dismounted it hardly. Finally they saw a palm tree, thereon the boy said, “No, I can’t, this is impossible, no way and no how”   “My dear son our habits are like seeds, you can control them easily when they are seeds, you can dismount a bush easily but if you delay they will turn into palm trees and you will be powerless and unable to change them.” The old man said.  
  My dear community, you can’t accustom bad habit through another bad habit but this happens when you have an idea or an image such ideas like “let’s smoke, let’s try drugs”. If this happens, you should challenge it. If you challenge it radically, you will give it up easily but if you challenge it eventually, it will be very difficult. When you have a bad idea, challenge it because if you didn’t it will become a mettle, then a will, then an action and finally it will became a habit you can’t change. If you challenged it at first as it was a bush, you could easily dismount it but now after it had grown up you can’t. Dear young boys and girls, we can change our habits while they are small like bushes. Please when you have a bad idea, challenge it. Control it otherwise it will control you. If it control you, you won’t be able to smile a .  

Thank you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The person who hindered your advance and your ambition to succeed was died yesterday. Who is?

   Welcome in a new . The of today is about a company owner. Pay attention to this story. This man fixed a banner in the middle of the company in which it is written in bolt letters: "the person who hindered your advance and your ambition to succeed in the company was died yesterday condolences will be offered tomorrow". Do you hear such a story before? The company's owner is very intelligent. He left all the employees who supplicated Allah to bless the soul of the defunct, very eager to know the person who hindered their progress and success.
  The next day all the employees came, in full suit to prevent their condolences in the company and see their rude bad defunct fellow. They asked the manager where the person who hindered their progress was. He showed them the room where the corpse was and requested them to enter one by one to look over, reflect and contemplate. The employees understood nothing from what the manager wanted them to do. They stood in queue, entered one by one to look over the corpse. Each one who entered got out silent and faced covered. They continued like this till the last one and all got out silent and face covered; nobody talked to the other; they understood nothing. Who he knows what the shroud contains will have a gift.
  The shroud contained a mirror; near the mirror there was a piece of paper where it was written: "The only one who hinders your ambition, development and success is you". So every employee who entered opened the shroud, saw his face in the mirror and read the small paper.
  The president of the company wants to say to them that their faults, that the fact that they considered themselves as minor and does not want to become major, that they don't believe that the will succeed, that they don't want to exert efforts and that they do not want to be hardworking is the unique thing that hinders their progress, development and success.
  The idea of this story is that you are the only one in the world to hinder your success and progress. Do you hear me, young men and women who are preparing now your examinations, you also fresh graduates, you fathers and mothers, you people who want to succeed in life? Your life will change when you change, when your look in the mirror change. Do you understand now the speech of our Lord Almighty when he say: "Allah does not change the condition of people until they change themselves". Change your look in the mirror, change yourself, life around you will change and then you will enjoy a .

Thank you.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Lord give us sustenance as you sustain bugath

    Welcome in a new . The today is about livelihood, sustenance. In these times all people are worry about their sustenance. I insist to draw on your faces a . You will ask how I can give you a in the middle of the economic crisis, the international recession, unemployment and all the current difficulties. I want to tell you that sustenance and livelihood is given; Allah will give you your needs for living; all what you have to do for that is exerting effort. Do not take sedative medicines, do not afraid from future, and just exert some effort. Living possibilities exist.
  I will tell you a story, a very interesting story. A Syrian, a very good man, used to say, when I met him, “Our Lord give me sustenance as you sustain the bugath (the crow’s nestling)”. You know what bugath is? When the crow’s egg hatches, the nestling crow is called bugath. When it grows, the bugath becomes crow. What is the problem of bugath sustenance? This is a sign of our lord. Crow’s color is black. When the crow’s egg hatches, it gives the nestling crow, the bugath, a white colored nestling, because it has no feather. Crow’s feather is black, but it’s inside flesh is white. I bring this information from Discovery TV channel, which shows stories from nature science. When the bugath comes to life, the crow does not recognize its nestling, because of its white color. The crow female refuses to feed its nestling, because it does not recognize it as such. The Provider Almighty sustains the bugath with small insects that are attracted to the nestling crow’s white color. The hatch is fed those small insects because its mother refuses to feed it. Its mean of living are provided to him by the Provider.
  You see the meaning of “Our Lord, give us sustenance as you sustain the bugath”. This small crow nestling remains fed by those small insects attracted to his white color, especially to feed it, for one or two weeks. Allah sends those insects especially to the feed the bugath until its feather grows and become clothed in black so that its mother begins to recognize it and proceeds to its feeding. For the first two weeks crow’s female refuses to feed its nestling. It is fed by the Provider Almighty. In fact Oh! Lord, provide us with sustenance as you do for bugath.
  There is very beautiful verse from Quran which the meaning is:”there is no creature on earth, but sustained by Allah Almighty”. You also Allah provides you with living means; do not fear for you sustenance. For you, People who go to their work exert some efforts and do not worry about your livelihood. For ladies who are worry about the sustenance of their children, do not fear about their livelihood, it is guaranteed with a little effort. Lord, provide us with sustenance as you do for bugath is a .

Thank you

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our fierce power and potentiality that we haven’t discovered yet

    Welcome to today’s episode of a smile of hope. Smile of hope of today is about our fierce power and potentiality that we haven’t discovered yet. Do you know that we have great potentialities and prospects but unfortunately we don’t know that? If we discover them we will succeed, prevail, earn money, smile a smile of hope and people will espect us. But no one do this. We use only 5% of our power. Can you imagine this? Where is the rest (95%)? Where are 95 joules? They exist but you don’t know.

  I’ll tell you a story smile of hope (a symbolic story). One day there were some fugitives in a danger zone during the war of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Europe and there was gunfire and killing so they decided to pierce and cross mountainy zone. It was very hard and snowy to reach the other safe side. An old man and his old wife with a baby decided to cross this mountainy zone. How? They were very old and they should carry their baby. They met some soldiers who were crossing and asked them to accompany them to cross the zone. “we can’t avouch or be responsible for you. We can only carry your baby, if you come with us you should walk as fast as we walk and if you or your old wife fall down we will leave you because we can’t stop and we have to pass quickly” the leader said.

  The leader and the soldiers began to move actively as they were strong and healthy. The old woman was quite well but the old man began to get tired. Then he fell down among snow so he might die. “I can’t continue.” The old man said. “We are sorry, we can’t stop.  We told you that before, we will go with your wife and your baby and will leave you alone.” The leader said. His wife was so intelligent she asked the soldiers to give her their baby. She took the baby and gave him to her husband. “Stand up and carry the baby or die together. I will go with them alone.” Then she left him and didn’t look behind.

  After two minutes she saw the man coming with the baby. When he felt that the baby would die, he began to evoke power and potentiality. I swear by Allah we have potentiality. Can you believe that the old man arrived first with his baby and he was carrying the baby? You have a lot of potentialities but you don’t know that. Laziness impedes this power to work.

  I know a gymnastic teacher who asked a player to do 20 pushups. The player did 20. Then the teacher asked him to do another 20 pushups.” No, I can’t. This is very difficult” the player said. The teacher told him to be patient so the player did another 20 pushups. After that the teacher asked for additional 20 pushups. But the player refused and told him that he couldn’t and he would die. The teacher insists on doing and being sturdy and so on.  Finally the player did 100 pushups. And fell down while he was playing. “Did you know the difference between 20 and 100 pushups? This is the difference between your power as you know and the potentiality you actually have.” The teacher said.

  Smile of hope we have so much. Please, be backboned and recall your potentialities. Don’t say “stop, that’s enough.” Try more and more try this idea and you’ll be successful, happy and smile of hope.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012