Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taking an initiative

   Welcome to a new episode a smile of hope. Smile of hope today is about taking an initiative. You may ask me “What do you mean by taking an initiative?” sometimes people have skills that will help them to successful in life. However, they are not courageous enough, they don’t take a step, and they don’t have a strong will, or they choose not to take the lead. There are many young men and women who are listening to me who have very high aptitude and can be very successful smile of hope…but unfortunately, they’re not courageous enough.
  Let me tell you smile of hope story from Morocco, told to me by a writer. He’s a writer with great aptitude, who seemed like he’ll be a famous writer on day. This story is of course, an old story. The first book he wrote, he couldn’t find a publisher to publish the book. He tried and submitted it to several publishers, and still no one wanted to publish it. Finally, after numerous tries, he found a publisher who decided to publish his book. By coincidence, his book got published right in time for the Moroccan Book Fair.
  At the Book Fair, the organizers setup a stage in front of the large crowd for the best writers to speak about their books, and autograph them. The writer had just published a new book, and he was watching while the best writers were all on the stage. The presentations began and people were entertained, but there was an empty seat on the stage. The person who was supposed to be sitting there didn’t show up. Out of respect, the writer thought to himself that the person should be arrived soon.10, 15, and 20 minutes passed and still no one showed up to fill the seat on the stage. The seat remained empty on the stage, with no name in front of it. The presentation began and people forgot that there’s an empty seat on the stage. The writer, however, did not forget about the empty seat. Do you know what this writer decided to do? The writer decided to go up on the stage and sit in the empty seat and present his first book. Although he never got an invitation, the seat on stage was empty. It would have been wrong and disrespectful that he gets on the stage, if the person who’s supposed to be sitting in the seat had arrived and he took his seat. However, he decided to take the initiative, because a third of the presentation had passed and no one showed up.
  This is a great example of taking an initiative and smile of hope. Many people in his shoes would be embarrassed or would be afraid of other people’s critique. However, what’s wrong with receiving other people critiques? Yet in fact, most of us learn and grow with constructive criticism. The writer took 10 books and sat on the empty seat. Can you imagine the courage? One of the organizers realized that he got on the stage. She went his way, to make sure that he had an invitation to be on stage. He took an initiative again, looked at her in confidence, and he apologized for being late. She asked him what he would like to drink and he asked for a cup of tea. When it was his turn to speak, he presented his book in eloquence.
  People were amused by his new and amazing idea. People came around him, while the media began recording what was happening. He autographed his book and many people got copies of it and took pictures with him. In the following year, Fear’s book was the first book being passed out in the Book Fair. He was also the first invitee to be on the stage. He said that had he not gone on the stage the first time and presented himself with great eloquence and confidence, he wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to go up the second time.
  Take an initiative, smile of hope and be courageous. Have self-confidence, be strong and be courageous. Definitely do not take someone else’s rights or positions. However, be courageous and self-confident. You will then be happy with a smile of happiness, which will be drawn on your face and on the faces of those who love you.
Thank you.