Thursday, June 7, 2012

Win Win

   Welcome in a new smile of hope. Our smile of hope of today is about a peasant who grows sorgos (corn). The story is from Iraq. In the village of this peasant an annual contest called the Sorgos contest was organized. The activity of the people of the region of that peasant was planting sorgos. The best producer won the contest and received a prize from the government. The surprise was the peasant won annually the prize. A journalist believed that there was a secret with that peasant who won continuously the prize.
  The journalist made an interview with the peasant and asked him about the secret of his winning the sorgos prize every year. The peasant replied the journalist that simply he won because every year he distributed the good seeds among all his neighbors. The journalist understood nothing and asked the peasant why he did so. The peasant told the journalist that he selected the best seeds with him, went to the neighboring peasants and give them those seeds as gift, telling them that they were good seeds. Their neighbors used those seeds. The journalist asked the peasant whether for that reason he wanted to tell him he was the best peasant. The peasant replied positively. The journalist asked the peasant that if he gave his neighbors the best seeds they would compete with him, so why he was the only one and the same winner of the contest every year. The humble peasant gave the grand educated journalist a very important lesson. He said to the journalist: “My dear sir, you don’t know that when wind blows, it takes the seeds from field to field and scattered them there?”  The journalist replied positively and asked the peasant what was after? The peasant said “That is why I give my neighbors good seeds. If I give them bad seeds or if they use bad seeds, the wind will take those bad seeds and bring them to may farm; thus my harvest will be weak. Therefore, my harvest is good because I give my neighbors the best seeds; wind brings me always good seeds and of course good harvest, because all people around me have good harvest”.
  The idea becomes clear: the success of others is part of your success. So don’t think that for your success others have to fail. This method is wrong there is something called “Win Win”, that is to say win and leave others win, thus all people win. The method based on: “I win and others lose” is wrong because it does bring neither smile of hope nor success in life. There is no need to put off the candles of others in order to light yours. Your light and theirs will make life brighter, isn’t it?
  I want to say why do we apply the idea of the seeds of the peasant? Do you see in Ramses square somebody laugh while all passers grimace? He could not smile in such environment. All people have to be happy. Human being’s happiness is part of the group happiness. Learn to apply this methodology as style of life, because it of course brings the smile of hope.
Thank you.