Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our fierce power and potentiality that we haven’t discovered yet

    Welcome to today’s episode of a smile of hope. Smile of hope of today is about our fierce power and potentiality that we haven’t discovered yet. Do you know that we have great potentialities and prospects but unfortunately we don’t know that? If we discover them we will succeed, prevail, earn money, smile a smile of hope and people will espect us. But no one do this. We use only 5% of our power. Can you imagine this? Where is the rest (95%)? Where are 95 joules? They exist but you don’t know.

  I’ll tell you a story smile of hope (a symbolic story). One day there were some fugitives in a danger zone during the war of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Europe and there was gunfire and killing so they decided to pierce and cross mountainy zone. It was very hard and snowy to reach the other safe side. An old man and his old wife with a baby decided to cross this mountainy zone. How? They were very old and they should carry their baby. They met some soldiers who were crossing and asked them to accompany them to cross the zone. “we can’t avouch or be responsible for you. We can only carry your baby, if you come with us you should walk as fast as we walk and if you or your old wife fall down we will leave you because we can’t stop and we have to pass quickly” the leader said.

  The leader and the soldiers began to move actively as they were strong and healthy. The old woman was quite well but the old man began to get tired. Then he fell down among snow so he might die. “I can’t continue.” The old man said. “We are sorry, we can’t stop.  We told you that before, we will go with your wife and your baby and will leave you alone.” The leader said. His wife was so intelligent she asked the soldiers to give her their baby. She took the baby and gave him to her husband. “Stand up and carry the baby or die together. I will go with them alone.” Then she left him and didn’t look behind.

  After two minutes she saw the man coming with the baby. When he felt that the baby would die, he began to evoke power and potentiality. I swear by Allah we have potentiality. Can you believe that the old man arrived first with his baby and he was carrying the baby? You have a lot of potentialities but you don’t know that. Laziness impedes this power to work.

  I know a gymnastic teacher who asked a player to do 20 pushups. The player did 20. Then the teacher asked him to do another 20 pushups.” No, I can’t. This is very difficult” the player said. The teacher told him to be patient so the player did another 20 pushups. After that the teacher asked for additional 20 pushups. But the player refused and told him that he couldn’t and he would die. The teacher insists on doing and being sturdy and so on.  Finally the player did 100 pushups. And fell down while he was playing. “Did you know the difference between 20 and 100 pushups? This is the difference between your power as you know and the potentiality you actually have.” The teacher said.

  Smile of hope we have so much. Please, be backboned and recall your potentialities. Don’t say “stop, that’s enough.” Try more and more try this idea and you’ll be successful, happy and smile of hope.

Thank you.