Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fear God

     Welcome to a new . Today’s lesson is how we can find a way to fear and incorporate Allah the most gracious and compassionate in our relationship with one another. We all believe that to worship God in prayer and fasting is enough. There is a presence of God in the social context. We all need to take care of our relationship between Allah the most compassionate and each other. You know that God forgives us for our shortcomings, but he doesn’t forgive us for the people we hurt until we mend said issues.
  This   is based in Syria, and it is about a man that was married to a woman. The Syrian man was very rich and was blessed with a great fortune as well as buildings and companies. However his wife started to notice that he was changing. She felt that he was hiding a secret which his wife started to feel. It came to light that he got married without her knowledge. The woman eventually finds out but remained quiet out of respect and dignity. She said “I will not let him know that I am aware of his marriage”. She therefore, remained good to her husband and continued performing her duties as wife (in a respectful way).
  The man eventually passed away, and as his will was being read and distributed between her and her children. She refused to inherit the money due to the presence of the other wife. She went to her children and said “that their father was married to another woman, and that they should give her share of wealth to her. Do you see the presence of God in family and social matters? To have faith and to worship Allah the most gracious and compassionate does not only mean to wear a (Hijab), or recite the Quran and to fast Ramadan is not the only way to worship Allah the most compassionate. But to be kind, fair and polite is a considered greatness in the eyes of Allah the most compassionate.
  This is smile of hope is so beautiful because as the woman and her children sent the money to the other wife, her reply was shocking and heart-filling: she said “I don’t deserve this money because he divorced me a week ago. These two women are great and are a true blessing from God. Because now a day you will find that spouses and children fight over inheritances. But that’s not when you see a smile of hope. A comes from sharing and opening up your heart to more meaningful things.                                                                                


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