Sunday, July 8, 2012

The story of the founder of FedEx (Be Ambitious)

      Welcome in a new . The of today is about somebody who established a company, a very famous company named FedEx. This well-known company is worldwide carrier for packages, clothes, anything; from here to any country in the world, FedEx will provide such services to you. FedEx has aircrafts, train wagons; it is very big company. Who established FedEx? The founder of this company is Fred Smith, an American who was ex-student in Yale University.
  The of this man is very strange. I will tell you this and advise you not to think that you will fail; even, if you fail and you have a good idea, be patient, adhere to it. When Fred Smith conceived his idea, nobody in the world thought that it would be useful to invest in carrying packages from a country to another country. Fred Smith submitted his concept as the graduation project in his final year at the university. It was his dream that he wanted to achieve. They told them at the university that any student who brought a good dream would have high mark. Therefore, Smith submitted his dream to transport packages, couriers and anything around the world during two days. The teachers gave him zero because he submitted a credulous idea, an unconceivable one. They told him that his silly idea and imaginary dreams are useless.
  One of his teachers sympathized with him and told him to change the project and he would give him the full mark. But Smith told his sympathetic teacher to keep his marks, because he would keep his project, his dream. For Smith it was not a matter of marks. You, boys and girls, you go to the school, to the college, to obtain high marks. I don’t mean that anyone has to go tomorrow saying to his teacher that he does not want marks because he has a dream. Do not misunderstand my speech, we are about to proceed to the final year examination; parents will be angry with me if you misunderstand and miss-interpret my idea. Smith said to his teacher to keep the plus marks the teacher would give him for changing his project and he would keep his dream despite the zero mark that the jury gave him.
  After his graduation, smith with a group of five or six of his friends began their project with 8 packages. Only eight packages at the beginning lead now to millions of packages circulating around the world. They lost money at the beginning of the project and people laughed at them; their parents advised them to stop the project. But they continued to fight for their dream.
Now FedEx is one of the largest companies in the world. Its aircrafts circulate around the Globe carrying packages. Fred Smith is still famous, but nobody knows his teacher who gave him zero for his project. Failure at the beginning of the project did not make him hesitate to insist to achieve his dream. Grasp on your dream, insist on it; if you fail once, don't be discouraged, and continue till you succeed. At that time believe me you enjoy a large .                                                                                                                                                               

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