Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Allah Almighty, gather us in Paradise

Hope 5 The today is about a very beautiful thing, but unfortunately many people do not feel it, live with it or dream of it. It is Paradise. Your utmost hope is to enter Paradise. Anyone say: "I hope to go to paradise, enjoy in it, be with my family and beloved therein, enjoy its palaces, towers, rivers, and seas; I hope I please to Allah, meet the prophet therein".
  I will tell you a joyful story. If a small child says to you: "I will give you big thing, what do you believe he can give you?" The biggest thing you can expect is 100 pounds. But if a bank manager says to you: "You have a big thing with me" you can expect 200,000, you except something complying with the weight of the person. Now if a head of state or a king says to you: "You have a large thing with me". What do you expect, one million? Of course not less than one million. If the owner of the world says: "I prepare to my righteous slaves something that no eye sees, no ear hears of and no human being can imagine". This thing is of course something which is not comparable with those promises of a small child, a bank manager or a president or a king.
  The compensation of Allah promises is Paradise. If you want the Paradise, you have to work for it. The dream of paradise is not a drug but the Prophet Muhammad never mentioned paradise without relate it with hard work in our life. The Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) says: "Paradise is under the feet of mothers." Be kind with your mother you will go to Paradise. The Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) said
, "Allah makes the way to Paradise easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.'' Work, make people happy, learn useful things and share them with others you will go to Paradise and will have the sustaining smile forever and .                                                                                                                                                                                               Smile of hope

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