Friday, June 15, 2012

The Old Man & the Ships Engine

   Welcome to a new episode a smile of hope. There was once a great cruise ship and one of its engines were broken. The owner of the company gathered all his engineers and to try and fix the broken engine. They tried all they can to fix it but it was of no use. So they thought and pondered, and then remembered that there was an older man who specialized in engine maintenance. So they called him over. As the older man arrived he had with him an entire bag of tools. This man started inspecting the engine from top to bottom. The other engineers along with owners were flabbergasted by this old man and wanted to see what he was going to do. They old man than took out of his bag a little hummer and screwdriver and started to bang on the sides of the engine. All of a sudden the engine kick started. This took the old man about five minutes. The engine started working well.
  After a week the company received an invoice from the old man. The invoice was for about $10.000. The company was in shock due to the fact that all he did was bang on the engine. So the company owner sent a letter to this old man saying that he should clearly state the details of said invoice. So the old man sent a detailed letter of the invoice in which he stated: the banging on the engine costs $2, and to know where to bang with the hammer costs $9.998.
  The point of this story smile of hope is if you know where to bang and find a way to kick start your engine of life, you will achieve motion, and if you don’t know where or how to bang your engine of life you will remain motionless. I am afraid and worried for all you younger men that if you don’t know how to start your engines of life, life will pass you by. Please find ways to start your life, and if you are at a loss consult your father, your grandfather and ask them and brainstorm and find ways to start your life and smile of hope.

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