Friday, June 8, 2012

Being human

   Welcome everyone with a new episode from a smile of hope. Today episode is about being human, how to treat others when life is hard on them with huge kindness and humanity, especially the closest persons to you, your wife.
  I will tell you a story; this story happened a long time ago, it says that there was a man who got married to a very beautiful woman, and he lived with her for a very long time, she was treated him with tenderness and was always kind to him, for many years he enjoyed her kindness & beauty, but then he woman was infected with a disease in her face, unfortunately ugly pimples began to appear on her face, which made looking to this pretty face unpleasant any more. The woman began to feel huge pain as she thought her husband who used to love her & contemplate her beauty wouldn’t do this anymore. She began to be tough, hard in her nature, and anxious…as if she doesn’t want to live with him anymore out of her huge love for her husband. Surprisingly the husband got blind…you’d tell me “what a somber story!!” I’d tell you bear with me until the end.
  When the man got blind, the woman began to calm down…do you know why? It’s a psychological thing; she began to feel secure that her image in his bind will remain the same, when she began to calm down they continued their life together, for 10-15 years, and love was always there, at the end the wife died, and it was time to bury her, everyone was then surprised that the husband was burying her by himself. Oh God! Hadn’t you been blind? Haven’t you lost your sight? The big surprise was that he never lost his sight!! He only pretended in front of his wife so as not to make her feel embarrassed when her face began to change. She was an excellent wife, and he felt she would be highly embarrassed if she saw him, so he prevented to be blind for many years.
  You may tell me “This is one imaginary idealist story” you are true might be…but at least could you be kind with people you loved and were kind to you, can you revise you position, how many times were people kind to you & you ignored them afterwards? How many times were persons graceful to you and when life got hard on them you left them? How many times did you stop asking about a person just because their position was changed?
  By the way, I am not sure if the story is true or not…but this man is truly kind and human. Are you that kind generally? Are you that kind with your wife? Your agedly father? Your father began to change & his flexibility began to change, did you too change? Do you say “off the grown up man isn’t moving like before” alas! Did you reach the point? Are you that in human?
 Be kind and human
  This man that I told you his story is very kind. I swear to God my fellows the true smile of hope is being loyal to people who were kind to you no matter how their life changed, especially if these people were your wife, your father or your mother.
Thank you.

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